John Fitzgerald - Speaker - Motivator - Life Changer

John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald is a widely respected, leading Australian property expert, multi-millionaire and philanthropist.

John Fitzgerald was born in Melbourne in 1963. He completed his secondary schooling at Christian Brothers College in Ballarat, with some sporting talent and below average academic grades.

Leaving school at the age of 16, he decided to find his own way in the world and set off to hitchhike to Queensland with about $200 in his pocket. Fortunately, he turned up in the middle of the real estate boom, and at the age of 17, he was licensed to work in real estate.

By age 20, he had syndicated over $5 million in developments, started a national property magazine, Property Weekly Update, and begun trading property through his newly-formed JLF Corporation.

In the years since, he has bought, sold and developed over 8,000 properties and has amassed an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial property. The JLF Corporation now consists of over 22 companies in the fields of property and finance, with a turnover of more than $200 million per annum.

He is a sought-after public speaker and seminar leader. His Untold Wealth and Seven Steps to Wealth programs (Seven Steps to Wealth is also a best-selling book) have helped thousands of Australians to build wealth through real estate.

He is also founder and chairman of the Toogoolawa Children's Homes Ltd, established in 1991. Toogoolawa ('a place in the heart') has fostered over 500 children who have been categorised as youth at risk or wards of the state. In 1998, it opened its first school for nonmainstream students with learning difficulties in Queensland and now has grown with schools in New South Wales and Victoria. There are plans to continue duplicating the Toogoolawa Schools curriculum around Australia. John's work with Toogoolawa has been featured on ABC TV's Australian Story and inspired his book We Can Be Heroes - a collection of true stories of famous and 'ordinary' Australians who have gone the extra distance to help others in need.

He lives on Queensland's Gold Coast with his two teenage children. He was awarded the Australian Sports Medal in 2000 for his achievements in the sport of polo. He is also an avid hiker and uses his hiking skills twice a week in outdoor education classes for Toogoolawa students.

John's main qualification for teaching people how to build wealth is having built wealth himself.